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Margot's new album is called Canvas

Songstress Margot MacDonald just made an irresistible new record for you...
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Margot MacDonald's new album Canvas

  Nothing is more exciting than new Margot MacDonald music, but between it and us is what can seem to be a frustratingly endless wait. But making amazing, monde-de-musique-shattering music takes time, and
one of the reasons Margot's music is so perfect is that she's a perfectionist. She invests the time it takes to share the music she hears in her heart. Unlike the hurry up of "hit" mills, no force in the universe can speed
her up or slow her down even just a little--not even the constant nagging of her Recording Arts producer Marco Delmar. A new release will ship when it's ready, when Margot says it's ready, not a second before or after. Until that moment, she works quietly and steadily--often at the mercy of a relentless creativity that denies her sleep. She's not secretive about what she does, but spending a lot of time talking would only detract from the doing; so, she's mostly silent, occasionally revealing a new fact between performances at live shows. A song we've never heard before blows us away, and before we can close our mouths again, she casually mentions, "It'll be on my new record." Some of the hints seem improbable if not unbelievable. After years of teasing us with awesome new covers from a variety of artists we've often not heard before Margot's introduction to them, she reveals Massive Attack's "Teardrop" is the only cover to make the cut. What? What about Magnetic Fields' "The Book of Love"? What about Little Dragon's "Twice"? What many other amazing songs Margot has made her own for us? No, Margot alone wields the creative control that shapes the form and content of this album. Anything we've been perceptive enough to figure out on our own will be insightful and logical but also most likely wrong. This can be disheartening until we realize that assuming and being wrong are how we learn about this unique artist and her work. Margot MacDonald is a new experience for us, and our errors in interpretation teach us a faith and curiosity that reward us with the gifts of surprise and amazement. Margot gives us back parts of ourselves we haven't seen since we were very small, and looking with these wider eyes finally enables us to see.

  She replaces our self-assured strides with the baby steps of a new-found caution. We stop assuming and trying to guess on our own. We pay closer attention, observe, learn, and open ourselves to the delight of anticipation: What new title will join her precious Walls, Torn and Rising? What iconic photograph or artwork will grace its cover? What vexing puzzles a la Walls' Panda and The Colors of the World will taunt us from its linear notes? These are details only Margot can reveal.

Margot MacDonald @ the Birchmere
  None of these are secrets--just revelations that fascinate us much more than Margot might imagine. A few months ago, I was at the Birchmere with fellow superfan Tom Henigman for Margot's epic concert with Emmet Swimming. As happens periodically to many of us--even Margot herself apparently--Tom was fresh out of Margot's WALLS CD and needed another copy as a gift; so, we visited Margot's merch table. Among the CDs was a characteristically artistic but otherwise unceremonious mention of her new album "Canvas." Canvas? Canvas! The new album would be called Canvas...unless of course Margot changes her mind. I looked for some huge online announcement I must surely have missed. Googling the names of some of Margot's earlier albums, I found 17,000 hits for one, 19,000 for another. 'Margot MacDonald Canvas' however yielded one solitary hit--a line from the lyrics of her original song "Colorblind": "A canvas not yet used"--nothing more. This huge Margot MacDonald album title announcement came to us only through that miniature mention on that tiny table.

  Canvas was a surprise to me not just because of how the title was originally announced but because the concept was one that was already at work in my mind since a few months prior. Margot had performed live
Gary Honig's Cryin Eye
at an art opening called Every Picture Tells a Story for painter Moses Hawk (Gary Honig) on my June 5th birthday, and my photo shoot for that show was a combination of stills of Gary's oil paintings on canvas with shots of Margot's live performance. All this happened at Studio 1469, designed to be a blank backdrop for the art displayed there. Its signature pure white walls made my photos of Margot  resemble oil paintings on canvas as well. Since I had already planned an art-on-canvas theme for this photo set, it seemed perfect for this introduction to Margot's new creation CANVAS. It's my simple way to pay homage to this artist I love, while also helping me creatively fill the time until this amazing new music can fill all her fans' ears, hearts and souls.

  Canvas release concerts are right around the corner. The New York City release for the new album is this Monday, November 4, 2013 at Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street. Margot will perform with her full band on the bigger Stage 2. The show is free and 21+. Let Margot know you're coming--RSVP here!
Margot MacDonald will release Canvas @ Rockwood Music Hall Nov 4th @ 8PM
Don't miss NYC's Canvas release Nov 4!
  The iTunes release of Canvas shouldn't be too far behind--along with another album release concert and party in the Washington, DC area. Yeah, it's going to be a busy, exciting Fall! If you were
following my blog and took my Indiegogo advice back when Margot's new album project was originally
announced, your wait has probably already ended [satisfying the curiosity this article discussed!] If not, Margot has given us all the special gift of being able to stream the album's key original "Speed of Sound"  today. I love it! It's exciting to hear something from the record, but it will very much make us anxious to play all the tracks from start to finish. Soon, we assure ourselves and make a mental note to sign up early NEXT time Margot announces an album in progress. Then we check Margot's schedule for her next live show, because as important as the new album most certainly is, it's not the only thing to love about this artist. Live Margot is life changing!

  In addition to the chance to stream "Speed of Sound" on SoundCloud, you can also download it or pre-order the entire Canvas album on BandCamp. My new advice? Visit RIGHT NOW, stream, fall in love, download, listen, preorder, and don't forget to tell absolutely everyone you know about amazing Margot MacDonald and her wonderful new creation CANVAS!

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